Zhu Ru Wen Dan Tang Granules, 200g

Zhu Ru Wen Dan Tang Granules, 200g

Zhu Ru Wen Dan Tang Granules, 200g

Brand KPC Granules - Formulas
Unit Size 200g bottle
Dosage 1 tsp (2g)
Potency 5:1
Actions Clears heat, dissolves phlegm
Pattern Phlegm-Fire Disturbing the Heart and Gallbladder
Tongue Red tip, Yellow and greasy coat
Pulse Slippery, Excess, rapid and maybe wiry

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Chinese name Zhu Ru Wen Dan Tang
English name Bamboo Decoction to Warm the Gallbladder - Bamboo and Ginseng Combination

Clears heat, dissolves phlegm*


Serving size: 1 tsp (2g)

Servings per container: 100

Zhu ru (bamboo shavings) 300mg

Jie geng (platycodon root) 300mg

Zhi shi (aurantium immaturus fruit) 300mg

Chai hu (bupleurum root) 220mg

Chen pi (Citrus peel) 140mg

Ban xia (pinellia rhizome) 140mg

Fu ling (poria) 140mg

Xiang fu (cyperus rhizome) 140mg

Huang lian (coptis rhizome) 80mg

Ren shen (ginseng root) 80mg

Sheng jiang (ginger rhizome) 80mg

Gan cao (licorice root) 40mg

Da zao (jujube fruit) 40mg


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