Xi Xin - Asari Herba, 5ml

Xi Xin - Asari Herba, 5ml

Xi Xin - Asari Herba, 5ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
Unit Size 5 ml *note: wholesale pricing not available for the 5 mL single essential oils.

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C02 extracted Xi Xin - Asari Herba - wild ginger
“fine acrid”

The aroma of our Xi Xin essential oil has a strong earthy, musty quality. Its pungent warmth rises upward immediately opening the nasal passages and expanding the breath. It is produced by CO2 extraction.

Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing ( Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica) identifies Herba Asari as a superior class herb. “Xi Xin is acrid and a little warm. It mainly treats cough and counterflow, headache, and shaking brain, hypertonicity of the hundred joints, wind damp impediment and pain, and dead muscles. It brightens the eyes and disinhibits the nine orifices.” (Yang Shou-zhong translation)

It is commonly used in the treatment of colds, nasal discharge and cough with thin sputum, and also for head and toothaches, as well as joint pain. Xi Xin warms the lung and resolves phlegm. Many constituents of Xi Xin are thought to stimulate the respiratory system. Xi Xi has a potent effect to both dispel wind from the exterior and warm the interior.

Topically, Xi Xin essential oil produces a local anesthetic effect.

The essential oil of Xi Xin has a strong dispersing action to open the sensory orifices. It penetrates blockages of the nasal passages and of the Shen to restore consciousness. Diffusion is appropriate for this effect.

For nasal blockage or for loss of consciousness practitioners may apply Xi Xin essential oil (appropriately diluted) topically to the nostrils. For nasal congestion, or for toothache consider combining with Bai Zhi (Agelica dahurica) e.o. When signs of heat are present, use with Huang Qin (Scutellaria) e.o. A poultice could be made using these two essential oils with powdered Shi Gao (Gypsum Fibrosum).

TCM Category: Depending on the reference, has been classified as either an exterior-releasing or an interior-warming herb.

Channels entered: Lung, Heart, Kidney

Note: middle or top

*This oil is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY for short duration. 1% dilution maximum is recommended. It should NOT be taken internally or used in larger quantities than recommended. Chen and Chen Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology lists the safety index for Herba Asari as “slightly toxic” noting that the safrole in the essential oil of Xi Xin is responsible for the toxicity of this herb which can be reduced or removed by cooking.

Major Chemical Components: 2.39-3.80% methyl eugenol, safrole, asaricin, eucarvrone.

Bai Yu Lan Ye (Magnolia denudata Folium ,Magnolia Leaf) 45% - 30 drops       
Xi Xin (Asari Herba)10% - 6 drops  
Bo He (Menthae Herba, Peppermint) 10% - 6 drops  
Bai Zhi (Angelica dahurica) 35% - 24 drops

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