Bai Zhi - Angelica dahurica Radix, 5ml

Bai Zhi - Angelica dahurica Radix, 5ml

Bai Zhi - Angelica dahurica Radix, 5ml

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CO2 extracted Angelica dahurica Radix - 5ml
(Angelica Root)
“White Rootlet”

The full bodied, spicy, warm aroma of this Bai Zhi essential oil, when inhaled directly, rises, permeating the nasal passages and frontal sinuses, effectively opening and drying as it goes. Pressure, swelling and pain are quickly reduced. 

Our Bai Zhi essential oil is CO2 extracted and very concentrated. This method assures that the essence of the plant will express it’s traditional Chinese medicine actions with the added benefit of powerful aromatherapy. Bali Zhi opens the Lung, Somach and Spleen channels. It is frequently used for Yang ming headache and toothache. Dermatologically, Bai Zhi may be applied as an aid to reduce swelling, expel pus and eliminate toxins. 

Angelica dahurica grows wild in northeastern China, in damp habitats often near riverbanks and along streams. For medicinal purposes, these white colored roots are collected at the end of summered and in autumn when the leaves turn yellow.

Various components of Bai Zhi have demonstrated significant analgesic effects as well as muscle-relaxant qualities to treat muscle spasms and cramps. (Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology, Chen and Chen p.61)

Note: middle and base

TCM category: releasing exterior wind cold


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Bo He (Menthae Herba, Peppermint) 10% - 6 drops  
Bai Zhi (Angelica dahurica) 35% - 24 drops

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