iSLEEP, 100g Packet

iSLEEP, 100g Packet

iSLEEP, 100g Packet

Brand Pacific Herbs
Unit Size 100g
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iSleep Herb Pack is:

a pharmaceutical grade, concentrated herbal extract

Why Packets?

  • Packets do not require filler
  • Packets deliver a higher percent of herbal extract
  • Packets preserve freshness & potency
  • Packets are simply a better way to take and store herbs


Why You Need iSleep?

When you sleep better, your health improves simply because your body has rested.

Recommended use: 1 packet before bed, drink as a tea or

place powdered herbs directly in your mouth and let dissolve.

Either way it tastes great and works fast.


iSleep will improve your sleep patterns while simultaneously giving you a restful nights sleep.


iSleep Will Help You:

  • fall asleep faster
  • reduce tossing and turning
  • end the cycle of waking up too early
  • allow you to sleep deeper
  • feel rested and wake up alert
  • quiet the thoughts in your mind


Our Manufacturer:

KPC has been producing Traditional Chinese herbal extracts for over 70 years.

KPC herbs are sold throughout Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Germany and the U.S.


Is iSleep Safe?


800 Years can't be wrong!

Many of the herbs used in iSleep are used in Traditional Chinese cooking.  i.e. jujube seed, poria, licorice. 

Herbs used as foods are the safest form of medicine. 

Hippocrates said, "Let medicine by thy food and food be thy medicine"

The natural herbal ingredients have been time tested and clinically tested.

(see the study on 20,000 people here)

The combination of herbs in iSleep was originally written down over 800 years ago.

Since iSleep is not a drug it can repair the bodies natural

sleep cycle by calming the mind and allowing you to fall asleep naturally.


Sleep is an essential part of our normal healthy, balanced life.

If you are not getting 8-10 hours of restfully, restorative sleep each night, iSleep Herb Pack can help.

When our bodies are functioning in a balanced state our energy improves and we feel healthy.



Whether you have occasional sleeplessness or just want to enjoy a more restful

nights sleep, iSleep will help!

Our Traditional Chinese herbal formula calms your mind so you can

go to sleep and stay

asleep and be rested and productive the next day.



 Ziziphus (Spiny Jujube) - Suan Zao Ren
 Ligusticum Root - Chuan Xiong
 Poria  - Fu Ling
 Anemarrhena Root- Zhi Mu
 Concha Margarita- Zhen Zhu Mu
 Flowery Knotweed Stem – Ye Jiao Teng
 Ophiopogon Root - Mai Men Dong
 Biota Seed - Bai Zi Ren
 Jujube Seed - Da Zao
 Licorice Root  - Gan Cao

100% Kosher and Vegetarian

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