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Yin Yang Huo (Lab Tested)

Yin Yang Huo (Lab Tested)

Yin Yang Huo (Lab Tested)

Brand NuHerbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Dosage 3-9 grams
Taste Acrid; Sweet
Properties Warm
Contraindications Contraindicated in those with fire from yin deficiency. This herb should not be taken as a decoction over a long period of time, as it can injure the yin.
Chinese Symptomology Impotence;Infertility;Urinary frequency;Forgetfulness;Withdrawal;Painful cold lower back and knees;Spasms or cramps in the hands and feet;Joint pain;Numbness in the extremities;Contracture, numbness or hemiplegia following wind-stroke
Western Symptomology Impotence;Infertility;Back Pain;
Actions Tonifies the Kidneys and fortifies the yang;Dispels wind-cold-dampness and warms and unblocks the flow of yang qi.
Pattern Kidney yang deficiency;Wind-cold-damp painful obstruction;Contracture, numbness or hemiplegia following wind-stroke.
Branch Kidney; Liver

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Chinese name Yin Yang Huo
English name Epimedium, aerial parts
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"The sweet warmth of Epimedii Herba (yin yang huo) tonifies the fire at the gate of vitality and fortifies the Kidney yang, while its acrid warmth expels wind-dampness. Tonification of of the Kidney yang enables it to treat impotence, spermatorrhea, and urinary frequency. Internally, reinforcement of the Kidney yang strengthens the bones, while externally, wind-dampness is dispersed so that painful obstruction is unblocked. Thus, only only are these pathogens expelled, but the injury done by them is repaired." (Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed)*


Yin Yang Huo - Epimedium

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