Windbreaker, 2 oz.

Windbreaker, 2 oz.

Windbreaker, 2 oz.

SKU GW110-2
Brand Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formulations
Unit Size 2
Dosage (adult) 60-90 drops, 2-4 times per day.
Potency 7:1
Contraindications Caution with thirst and dehydration, extreme weakness and chilliness, and sweating while at rest.
Chinese Symptomology Acute ailments of the head, throat, eyes, ears, nose and skin characterized by burning, itching, stinging and aching, thickened and discolored secretions, swelling, redness, dizziness, fever, and spasms; Rashes on the head and face or infantile acne; Early stage of colds, flu, and allergies characterized by sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat, hoarse voice, phlegm in the throat, slight cough, mild fever and chills, perspiration, muscle soreness, aversion to drafts or open windows, and emotional irritability or sensitivity
Actions Clears Wind, Heat, and Phlegm.
Pattern Wind;Heat;Phlegm
English name Windbreaker, 2 oz.
Description The Upper Burner disorders of children are paradigmatic of Wind invasion. External Wind agitates Qi and Moisture, inducing spasms, congestion, and pain. Because of the natural reactivity of infants and small children, rebellion is often the motif of their afflictions: the damp, warm Qi of the Stomach, Intestines, and Gallbladder easily revolts upward, obstructing the descent of Heart and Lung Qi (Zong qi) from the head and chest. As a result, profuse, sticky yellow or green exudate (Heat and Phlegm) are generated quickly, with no easy means of egress other than through the openings of the nose, eyes, and ears - the ears being the least adequate and last resort.

Although the Defensive Qi (Wei) or youngsters is fragile, it is extremely vigorous, so that minor ailments like colds or teething are characterized by sudden onset, abundant secretions, acute distress, or rapid fluctuations. Windbreaker addresses the early stages of illness or conditions that tend toward any of the ubiquitous -itis\'s: otitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis. Such ailments often arise when children become over-heated, overtired, or following sudden changes in temperature and humidity. A slight cough, a runny nose, a scratchy throat and increasing irritability or lethargy may be the early warning signs of an impending cold or flu.

This formula can also be used preventively, offering protection from exposure to allergens or the weather and a bulwark against lowered resistance following excessive mental or emotional stimulation. The goal is to quickly eliminate the primary pathogenic agents of Wind and Heat, unblock the upper orifices, and reduce the inflammatory symptoms of fever, ear ache, sore throat, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and rash.
Ingredients Huang ju hua - Yellow chrysanthemum flower; Gui zhi - Chinese cinnamon twig; Ge gen - Kudzu root; Xin yi hua - Magnolia flower; Lian qiao - Forsythia fruit; Jin yin hua - Honeysuckle flower; Bai zhi - Fragrant angelica root; Bo he - Chinese mint herb; Chen pi - Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit; Fa ban xia - Treated pinellia rhizome; Fang feng - Siler root; Jing jie - Schizonepeta herb; Gan cao - Chinese licorice root; Lu gen - Phragmites rhizome; Bai mao gen - Imperata rhizome; Jie geng - Platycodon root; Qiang huo - Notopterygium root; Sang ye - White mulberry leaf; Zi su ye - Perilla leaf; Sheng ma - Chinese cimicifuga rhizome; Niu bang zi - Burdock fruit

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