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Stabilizing Tablets, 250 tablets

Stabilizing Tablets, 250 tablets

Stabilizing Tablets, 250 tablets

SKU SF212-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (herbs are hot water extracted and formed)
Chinese Symptomology Unsteady gait
Western Symptomology Parkinson\\'s diseasePost-stroke syndromeProgressive form of multiple sclerosis
Actions Nourish kidney/liverCalm internal windVitalize blood

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English name Stabilizing Tablets, 250 tablets
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Description This formula is based on several modern prescriptions described in the Chinese literature as suitable for patients with various neurodegenerative disorders. For example, a clinical formula reported in China for treatment of Parkinson\'s disease included lycium, ho-shou-wu, cistanche, gastrodia, uncaria, cnidium, and acorus. A formula for general treatment of neurological diseases included several tonic herbs (see Cord Tablets for a similar therapy) plus most of the components of Stabilizing Tablets: lycium, ho-shou-wu, cordyceps, cornus, salvia, acorus, and gastrodia. The name of this formula refers to the fact that the "foundation" of the body is the strength of the liver/kidney system and the disturbance of stability is usually the result of internal wind. Hence, the formula is aimed at stabilizing the body by strengthening the foundation and calming the disturbance. This formula maybe appropriate in cases of disorders that affect the nerves, muscles, and/or brain function. In China, ingredients that are no longer routinely available in the West are sometimes also used, such as scorpion, centipede, and antelope horn. However, patients in the U.S. may use Western drugs that will have a similar and more reliable effect that these added ingredients. Since many of the conditions to be addressed by this formula are serious and progressive, the dosage to be used might be large and a second formula is often needed to focus the effects on a particular disorder that has, as its basis, deficiency of kidney/liver and internal wind, but with more emphasis on one of these syndromes or an accompanying syndrome such as blood stasis. Unfortunately, little is known about the effectiveness of these herb therapies for the more advanced neurological disorders, but Chinese reports indicate improvements with a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and other traditional approaches.
Ingredients Gou Qi Zi (lycium) 14% Tian Ma (gastrodia) 10% He Shou Wu (ho-shou-wu) 10% Dan Shen (salvia) 10% Shan Zhu Yu (cornus) 10% Rou Cong Rong (cistanche) 10% Dong Chong Xia Cao (cordyceps) 9% Bai Jiang Can (silkworm) 9% Shi Chang Pu (acorus) 9% Chuan Xiong (cnidium) 9%
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