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Ginger & Manuka Honey Nuggets (expires 10-31-20)

Unit Size: 100 gram bag

PRI 5+ Bio Active Manuka Honey & Ginger Nuggets(Honey Candy) are a great tasting snack.

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Product Expires: 10-31-2020
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Gou Teng San Granules, 200g (expires 12-31-2020)

Unit Size: 200g bottle

Extinguishes wind, transforms phlegm, strengthens the Spleen, and enriches the fluids*

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Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang Capsules (expires 12-31-2020)

Unit Size: 100g

Cinnamon & Dragon Bone Combination - For Interior Syndrome, it restrains the Essence; suppresses the rebellious Yang; harmonizes the Ying and Yang. For Exterior syndrome, it releases Exterior Wind-Cold

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Gui Zhi Jia Shao Yao Tang Granules (expires 2/28/2021)

Unit Size: 100g

Release Exterior Wind-Cold

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Gymnema Sylvestre - Supercritical Organic, 120 cap (expires 1/31/2021)

Unit Size: 120 Capsules

Known in India as the “sugar destroyer,” Gymnema helps curb sweet cravings naturally.

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Product Expires: 01-31-2021
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