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Early Comfort, (300 tablets) (Expires 4/19)

SKU: K105-300EXP
Unit Size: 300 tablets
Transforms Dampness and resolves the exterior, harmonizes the Middle Burner*
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Echinacea Glycerite, 2 oz (Expires 5/19/19)

Unit Size: 2 oz
Supports normal healthy immune system function.*
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Eleuthero Solid Extract, 4 oz (Expires 2/15/19)

Unit Size: 4 oz
Promotes a normal healthy response to temporary stress*
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Enhance (Expires 5/19)

Unit Size: 420 tablets, 750 mg, 21 day supply
Enhance is comprised solely of Chinese herbs and is the base formula used in the Quan Yin Herbal Program for HIV Positive persons. It has been designed by Misha Cohen, OMD, L.Ac. based on her experience and the experience at the Quan Yin Clinic in treating thousands of HIV positive patients. Enhance is based on Fu Zheng therapy, which means "restoring normality." The formula differs from other approaches used in that it is designed to be easier to digest (protects the spleen and stomach) and contains a greater percentage of herbs that are believed to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity according to Chinese and American research. Enhance also has a higher percentage of herbs to tonify and vitalize blood becuase of the crucial nature of protecting and strengthening the bone marrow in HIV positive patients.
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Erigeron & Cinnamon, 1 oz (Expires 6/7/19)

Unit Size: 1 oz

Erigeron & Cinnamon, 1 oz

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European Mistletoe, 2oz (Packaged 3/14)

Unit Size: 2 fl oz.
European Mistletoe
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