Smooth Response (2 oz)

Smooth Response (2 oz)

Smooth Response (2 oz)

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Brand Kan Traditionals
Unit Size 2 oz. dropper bottle
Dosage 16-32 drops up to 3 times a day.
Potency 7:1
Contraindications Not recommended for use by pregnant women
Chinese Symptomology Dry constipation
Actions Moistens Intestines, unblocks bowels, clears Heat in the Lower Burner, disperses Wind
Pattern Intestinal dryness, blocked bowels, Blood vacuity, Yin vacuity
Tongue Dry, sometimes with a yellow coat
Pulse Weak, thin or thready
Chinese name Run Chang Wan
English name Smooth Response (2 oz)

Smooth Response is a classic formula taken from The Discussion of the Spleen and Stomach by Li Dong-Yuan (Li Ao), 1249 A.D. His approach to health was based on the optimum functioning of the Earth phase of the Five Phases (wu xing). Run chang wan was designed to prevent injury to the Spleen resulting from Wind Heat attacking the Large Intestines and leading to internal dryness. This formula is designed, with the actions of the notopterygium root in mind, to soothe the Liver and suppress Liver Wind, as well as counteract dryness. It is an excellent formula for constipation when a chronic Blood vacuity leads to the stirring of internal Wind (which may be accompanied by numbness and tremors in the limbs). Blood stasis resulting from Blood vacuity is addressed by the Blood-moving actions of the peach kernel and dong-quai tails.


tao ren (peach seed) ya ma zi (flax seed) sheng da huang (raw rhubarb rhizome) dang gui wei (dong quai root tail) qiang huo (notopterygium root)


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