Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84
Dosage 1 tablet each time 2x per day
Western Symptomology benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), prostatitis, interstitial cystitis

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English name Serageum
Description In modern practice of herbal medicine, prostate disorders (mainly benign prostatic hypertrophy, BPH) are often treated with one or more of the herbs seranoa (saw palmetti), pygeum, and pumpkin seed. The effectiveness of these herbs is demonstrated by several clinical studies. In China, prostate disorders are treated according to syndrome presentation, but he herbs that are typically added specifically to address the problem of prostate swelling are vaccaria, plantago seed, and leonurus. Serageum was designed to allow the practitioner to provide these commonly used herbs in a convenient dosage form, while addressing constitutional factors and accompanying syndromes by adding a complex herb formula targeted at those concerns; a common problem is kidney deficiency as might be addressed by one of the rehmannia-based formulas (see Pine Mountain). The formula may also be combined with Iridoid complex, which contains the main active components (iridoid glycosides) found in many kidney nourishing formulas. Such formulas are deemed valuable in treating disorders of aging, such as the symptoms of BPH. There are other disorders in the lower abdomen that are characterized by blood stasis and damp-heat accumulation for which this formula may provide suitable treatment as an adjunct to complex formulas that address the full symptom/sign presentation. As examples, the female disorders interstitial cystitis and vulvar vestibulitis may be associated with these syndromes. Therefore, Serageum should not be viewed as a formula solely for prostate disorders.

Two tablets provide: Herb extracts: Saw Palmetto (Seranoa repens): 400 mg Plantago seed (chrqianzi): 400 mg Vaccaria seed (wangbuliuxing): 400 mg Leonurus (yimucao): 300 mg Pumpkin seed (nanguazi): 300 mg Pygeum: 200 mg

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