Nasal Caps 2

Nasal Caps 2

Nasal Caps 2

Brand Health Concerns
Potency not disclosed - unknown
Chinese Symptomology Releases the Surface, Dispels Wind, Circulates Blood
Actions 1. Acute and chronic sinus congestion with thick, yellow mucus, sinusitis, rhinitis, hay fever, colds flu. 2. Snoring due to facial congestion. 3. Earache due to sinus blockage. 4. Sinus headache.

Note: Health Concerns is converting all formulas from tablets to capsules. Our inventory will reflect both until the conversion is complete.

English name Nasal Caps 2

Nasal Caps 2 is based on several traditional formulas.


Xanthium fruit - cang er zi
Red Peony root - chi shao
Ligusticum root - chuan xiong
Angelica root - bai zhi
Cimicifuga rhizome - sheng ma
Licorice root - gan cao
Magnolia flower - xin yi hua

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