Rhodiola 8

Rhodiola 8

Rhodiola 8

Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered, except rhodiola and hippophae extracts, and the mixture is formed)
Chinese Symptomology CoughingShortness of breathCardiovascular disease
Western Symptomology Chronic lung inflammation
Actions Clear lung heatResolve phlegmDisperse stagnant qiVitalize blood circulationLower blood lipids

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English name Rhodiola 8
Description Rhodiola 8 is based on Tibetan herbal formulas for treating lung inflammation. Many of the herbs in this formula have also been suggested as helpful for maintaining cardiovascular health based on modern research. Rhodiola has been the subject of extensive investigation for its adaptogenic effects, being considered somewhat similar in its nature to ginseng, eleuthero, gynostemma, schizandra, and other tonic herbs (all of those also used to treat lung and cardiac disorders). Hippophae has also been the subject of much modern investigation, which has shown that it has blood vitalizing effects, somewhat like those of crataegus (it is thus used in treating cardiovascular diseases). Its traditional use, however, is to treat lung disorders. The combination of bamboo and terminalia provides the phlegm resolving and astringent actions that normalize mucus secretions. Sandalwood and saussurea disperse stagnant qi so as to free up the lung movement and improve deep breathing. This formula is particularly suited to chronic lung disorders, ones that haven\'t responded well to the standard therapies. As a tonic, Rhodiola 8 may be compared to Cordyceps 9 and Ginseng 6. Those formulas also tonify the lungs, but they do not contain the dispersing herbs (e.g., saussurea and sandalwood) that are useful for chest tightness and other problems related to qi and blood stagnation. The herbs of Rhodiola 8 are traditionally used for chronic lung inflammation, such as persisting and recurrent bronchitis and asthma, and may be helpful to persons with cardiovascular diseases that result from modern problems of obesity, limited exercise, and improper diet (see also Lotus Leaf Tablets).
Ingredients Hong Jing Tian (rhodiola (e)) 24% Sha Ji (hippophae (e)) 18% Mu Xiang (saussurea) 12% Tan Xiang (sandalwood) 10% Tian Zhu Huang (bamboo) 10% He Zi (terminalia) 10% Hong Hua (carthamus) 8% Gan Cao (licorice) 8%

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