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Dosage 1 tablet each time, 2-3x a day; 2 tablets each time twice per day may be used for short term therapy for allergies, liver inflammation, or toxic reactions.
Western Symptomology Prevention of cancer and complications of diabetes, treatment of liver inflammation, antiaging.

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English name Quercenol

This formulation combines some of the best known and most intensively researched antioxidant compounds from nature. Each one is provided in a dosage that is in the range considered effective by modern research efforts. The amount of zinc has been set at a low level compared to some supplements because concerns have been raised that elevating zinc over normal physiological levels can have a detrimental effect on immune system functions. This amount of zinc is considered safe and can be added to the zinc in other supplements such as Calmagnium. The dosage of silymarin, the active fraction from Silybum marianum, in just two tablets is the same as used in clinical trials to treat liver inflammation. Mixed carotenoids have been used to provide a natural blend, with larger amounts of beta-carotene and lycopene. Natural vitamin E has been used (as with all White Tiger formulas containing vitamin E); and vitamin C is in the calcium ascorbate form (providing valuable calcium and protecting against stomach irritation). Quercetin, proanthocyanidins (from grape seed), and green tea polyphenols are among the most active of the antioxidants; they protect the liver from inflammatory processes, inhibit neoplastic transformation of cells, and reduce viral activity. See also Genistemma and Alpha-Curcumone. In the treatment of viral hepatitis, one may combine a complex herb formula such as Bupleurum-Gardenia Tablets, Eclipta Tablets, Paris 7, or Salvia-Ligustrum with Quercenol and or Alpha-Curcumone.*

Ingredients Two tablets provide: Flavanoids: Quercetin: 400 mg Silybum marianum: 250 mg Proanthocyanidins: 125 mg Green tea polyphenols: 150 mg Vitamins: Mixed carotenoids: 30 mg Vitamin E: 300 IU Vitamin C: 500 mg Minerals: Zinc: 10 mg Selenium: 100 mcg

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