Otolith Tablets, 100 tablets

Otolith Tablets, 100 tablets

Otolith Tablets, 100 tablets

SKU SF181-100
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and combined with extract of prunella, then formed)
Chinese Symptomology DizzinessBrain tumor
Western Symptomology ConvulsionsSpasmsTinnitusSinus infectionHyperthyroidismHypertensionPost-stroke syndrome
Actions Calms windOpens orificesCleans toxinRemoves phlegm-damp accumulation

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English name Otolith Tablets, 100 tablets
Description Otolith Tablets is based on the formulas used in modern clinical practice in China for treating spasms, convulsions, and other manifestations of internal wind when there is a phlegm-damp accumulation affecting the brain. Fish otolith is a stony material found in the head of certain fish that is believed to direct herb therapies to the region of the brain and to help treat masses (e.g., brain tumors) and excess phlegm (see also Bamboo 11). The formula contains herbs for calming yang agitation and internal wind, such as prunella, haliotis, uncaria, earthworm, silkworm, and the small gecko (pi-hu; different than gejie, the large gecko used as a tonic). Acorus, arisaema, and plantago remove phlegm-damp accumulations. The formula is directed to the treatment of liver yang agitation causing dampness to rise and congest in the head. Manifestations of the accumulation could include thyroid mass, oral swellings, sinus congestion, glaucoma, tinnitus, brain swelling, cystic acne, or lipomas. Some of the herbs treat accompanying spasms or agitation, as may occur in cases of hyperthyroidism, brain tumor, and post-stroke syndrome. The formula may help resolve lumps and painful swellings: pi-hu is traditionally used for treating scrofula and subcutaneous nodes and prunella is used for scrofula, carbuncle, and infected wounds (for soft swellings beneath the skin, see Scrophularia 12). For internal wind with phlegm obstruction of meridians causing palsy (e.g., Parkinson\'s disease), consider combining with Stabilizing Tablets to sedate wind and also tonify the deficiency of kidney and liver that permits wind to be easily generated.
Ingredients Yu Nao Shi (otolith) 10% Dan Nan Xing (arisaema) 10% Che Qian Zi (plantago seed) 10% Shi Jue Ming (haliotis) 10% Gou Teng (uncaria) 10% Chi Shao (red peony) 10% Shi Chang Pu (acorus) 10% Xia Ku Cao (prunella (e)) 10% Bi Hu (pi-hu) 7% Di Long (earthworm) 7% Jiang Can (silkworm) 6%

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