Morus Fruit Tablets, 100 tablets

Morus Fruit Tablets, 100 tablets

Morus Fruit Tablets, 100 tablets

SKU SF177-100
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and formed)
Chinese Symptomology Loss of hearingReduced visual field
Western Symptomology TinnitusFacial ticChronic headaches
Actions Nourish bloodClear heatSettle yang

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English name Morus Fruit Tablets

Morus Fruit Tablets is based on prescriptions for treating tinnitus and other disorders associated with agitation of liver yang and wind (e.g., vertigo, blurred vision). The therapeutic function is to nourish yin and blood and thereby regulate rising yang and suppress development of wind. Traditional formulas for such conditions are Scute Combination (Zisheng Tonger Tang), a Ming Dynasty formula for tinnitus and loss of hearing, and Bupleurum, Magnetite, and Rehmannia Combination, now made as the patent formula Erming Zuoci Wan (Pills for Tonifying the Left and Clarifying the Hearing). The basic pattern of therapy in Morus Fruit Tablets is to nourish the liver with morus fruit, peony, rehmannia, tang-kuei, and cornus; clear liver heat with scute, bupleurum, and moutan; settle agitated yang with mother of pearl and magnetite; and brighten the senses with vitex and altaica. There are other possible causes of tinnitus that this formula does not address, such as damage to the ear by loud noises, physical trauma, or severe infection. A diagnosis of liver deficiency is important for selecting Morus Fruit Tablets. The formula is not limited to treating hearing problems, but it can address any manifestation of the liver yin and blood deficiency with symptoms in the upper body that arise from heat, wind, or yang agitation, such as facial tics, some visual disorders, and headaches. For hearing or visual disorders due to wind-phlegm, Lapis 16 or Gastrodia 9 may be appropriate; for moisture accumulation as a cause of dizziness, consider Alisma 16 or Arisaema 10. For visual disorders due to liver deficiency, consider adding Lycuvin (White Tiger) or Ming Mu Di Huang Wan (Pine Mountain).


Sang Shen (morus fruit) 16% Man Jing Zi (vitex) 10% Bai Shao (peony) 8% Shu Di (rehmannia) 8% Ci Shi (magnetite) 8% Zhen Zhu Mu (mother of pearl) 7% Jiu Jie Chang Pu (altaica) 7% Dang Gui (tang-kuei) 6% Chai Hu (bupleurum) 6% Huang Qin (scute) 6% Mu Dan Pi (moutan) 6% Shan Zhu Yu (cornus) 6% Shan Yao (dioscorea) 6%

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