Laminaria 4, 250 tablets

Laminaria 4, 250 tablets

Laminaria 4, 250 tablets

SKU SF165-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (hot water extracts of the two main ingredients are combined with powdered herbs and formed)
Chinese Symptomology Soft swellingsCysts
Western Symptomology Lymphatic swellingFatty tumorsSome goiters (not hyperthyroid)
Actions Disperse congealed phlegm

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English name Laminaria 4, 250 tablets
Description Laminaria 4 was designed to provide sea materials for resolving phlegm accumulations. The key ingredients are two seaweeds that are characteristically combined together in traditional formulas: laminaria and sargassum. Laminaria is a broad leaf seaweed, while sargassum is a very thin seaweed (known as "sea hair"). Oyster shell is usually combined with the seaweeds to resolve accumulations (masses). Pumice is the result of volcanic lava entering the ocean: it produces a lightweight material that becomes infused with sea minerals. A very small amount of sinapis is included to warmly resolve phlegm; it helps assure that the cold-natured shell and seaweeds do not cause excessive chilling of the stomach. Laminaria and sargassum are provided as extracts for two reasons: one is to increase the amount of minerals and polysaccharides provided and the other is to avoid the development of a very strong "fishy" odor that is characteristic of the freshly dried material. Seaweeds and oyster shell are utilized for a wide range of disorders, including sticky sputum and nodular swellings (including breast lumps, ovarian cysts, and thyroid swellings). Although iodine-rich sea products are used to treat iodine-deficiency goiters (thyroid swellings due to lack of iodine), it is believed that iodine can worsen thyroid swelling that is associated with hyperthyroidism (e.g., Grave\'s disease), thus, this formula should be avoided in hyperthyroid treatments. See also Holothalgate (White Tiger), which contains red seaweed (nori) and sea cucumber. Laminaria 4 can also be taken daily as a natural nutritional supplement for trace elements (see also Calmagnium; White Tiger).
Ingredients Kun Bu (laminaria (e)) 40% Hai Zao (sargassum (e)) 39% Mu Li (oyster shell) 10% Hai Fu Shi (pumice) 10% Bai Jie Zi (sinapis) 1%

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