Iron Shougui

Iron Shougui

Iron Shougui

Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84 tablets
Dosage 1-2 tablets each time, 2 times per day, at or close to meal times. Do not exceed 4 tablets per day (20 mg of iron)
Western Symptomology Iron deficiency anemia, tinnitus, post-menstrual weakness.

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English name Iron Shougui
Description Iron deficiency is a common concern, particularly for women. Iron absorption can be improved by consuming acidic substances: vitamin C is frequently mentioned, but most organic acids, such as those in sour fruits (e.g., cornus and chaenomeles), will do the same; chaenomeles contains vitamin C. Chinese herbs are commonly employed to nourish blood and it is possible that they perform this function by improving the utilization of iron and other nutrients. Whenever possible, it is better to attempt improving absorption and utilization of small amounts of iron, a potent oxidant, rather than consuming large amounts, as there can be adverse reactions to high doses, whether or not the iron is absorbed. This supplement provides 10 mg of iron in just two tablets, with a maximum recommended level of four tablets per day. These should be taken along with a diet that naturally provides about 10 mg or iron. The trace element molybdenum is a cofactor used to aid iron absorption. Other substances that benefit iron absorption are vitamin A and several B vitamins, but these are present in most meals, so by taking this supplement close to meal times, their benefits for iron absorption should be attained. Ho-shou-wu, tang-kuei, peony, and rehmannia are the main blood tonics of Chinese medicine; astragalus and atractylodes benefit the spleen to aid absorption of nutrients and production of blood; cornus and chaenomeles nourish liver yin and blood. From the traditional Chinese point of view , blood deficiency can lead to dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, menstrual irregularities, pallor, and fatigue. *
Ingredients Two tablets provide: Herbs (hot water extracts): Ho-shou-wu (heshouwu): 250 mg Tang-kuei (danggui): 250 mg Peony (baishao): 250 mg Astragalus (huangqi): 250 mg Rehmannia (shudi): 250 mg Atractylodes (baizhu): 250 mg Cornus (shanzhuyu): 250 mg Chaenomeles (mugua): 250 mg Iron and absorption factors: Iron: 10 mg Molybdenum: 40 ug

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