Iridoid Complex

Iridoid Complex

Iridoid Complex

Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84 tablets
Dosage 1 tablet each time, 2-3 times per day.
Western Symptomology Menopausal syndrome, osteoporosis, eye disorders, hepatitis, diabetes.

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English name Iridoid Complex
Description Iridoid glycosides may be the key active components of Rehmannia Six Formula and other yin nourishing and fire purging herb prescriptions. They are found in rehmannia and cornus, the two yin nourishing herbs of Rehmannia Six Formula, a base formula used to treat several health disorders, notably menopausal syndrome, eye problems, hepatitis, and diabetes. Plantago seed and gardenia, herbs used to clear damp-heat, also contain iridoids; damp-heat syndromes usually involve inflammatory processes. The effects of these iridoid compounds may be mediated by the adrenal cortex, with increased production of anti-inflammatory cortical hormones and enhancement of sex hormone production. The Western herb vitex-agnus, is frequently recommended for treatment of menstrual disorders and menopausal syndrome. The formula is completed by adding dioscorea, commonly used in combination with rehmannia and cornus to nourish the kidney system, and nuphar, related to lotus and having similar effects, including treatment of bleeding, removing excess dampness, and benefiting digestion. Together, dioscorea and nuphar improve the function of the spleen. Plantago seed, gardenia, rehmannia, and the CHinese vitex (which is similar to the Western Vitex-agnus utilized here) are commonly administered in the treatment of various eye disorders. Rehmannia, gardenia, and cornus are often used in the treatment of liver disorders, such as hepatitis. *
Ingredients Three Tablets provide: Herb extracts: Rehmannia (shengdi): 600 mg Vitex-agnus: 600 mg Plantago seed (cheiqanzi): 600 mg Dioscorea (shanyao): 450 mg Cornus (shanzhuyu): 300 mg Nuphar (chuangu): 300 mg Gardenia (zhizi): 150 mg

Isatis 6, 250 tablets

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