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Crocodile Trade Mark Tablets

Crocodile Trade Mark Tablets

Crocodile Trade Mark Tablets

Brand Miscellaneous Chinese Formulations
Unit Size 50 Tablets
Dosage Take 4 tablets, two times a day.
Contraindications Pregnancy. Not recommended for long term use, or in cases of diarrhea, bloody sputum, tuberculosis, excessive menstruation or pronounced perspiration
Chinese Symptomology Rattling Cough; Expectoration of sticky yellow phlegm; Difficult breathing; Esophageal constriction
Western Symptomology Asthma; Bronchitis; Emphysema; Smoker's Cough
Actions Transforms phlegm, nourishes lung yin, clears heat, relieves cough, calms wheezing.
Pattern Phlegm heat accumulation
Chinese name E Yu Dan Xiao Chuan Wan
English name Crocodile Trade Mark Tablets
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Description Crocodile Trademark Tablets are a very popular natural herbal supplement in China that is used to support the general health of the respiratory tract. This supplement specifically supports the health of the throat, larynx, nose and sinuses.


As a natural supplement, it is effective in supporting your respiratory health. This supplement contains Chinese asparagus root, which has been used for thousands of years in Asia for lung support. It is believed to help to moisten lung tissues, and to support the lungs.
Ingredients Active Ingredients Dwarf-lilyturf Root, Chinese Asparagus Root, Gypsum, Perilla Fruit, Brown's Lily Bulb, Tartarian Aster Root and Stem, Trichosanthes Root, Tree Peony Bark, Adenophora Root, Balloon-flower Root and Stem, Peucedanum Root, Mature Tangerine Peel, Baikal Skullcap Root and Stem. Inactive Ingredients Starch and Water.
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