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Bai Ji Li (Ci Ji Li; Ji Li)

Bai Ji Li (Ci Ji Li; Ji Li)

Bai Ji Li (Ci Ji Li; Ji Li)

Brand Asia Naturals Raw Herbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Dosage 6 - 15 grams
Taste Acrid; Bitter
Properties Neutral
Contraindications Use with caution during Pregnancy, and in cases of qi or blood deficiency
Chinese Symptomology Ascendant Liver Yang; Constrained Liver Qi; Wind-Heat; Skin Lesion; Running Piglet Disorder; Blood Stasis
Western Symptomology Headache; Vertigo; Dizziness; Chest Distention; Flank Distention; Irregular Menstruation; Insufficient Lactation; Hypochondriac Distention; Abdominal Masses; Swollen Breast Masses; Painful Breast Masses; Eyes - Red; Eyes - Swollen; Eyes - Excessive Tearin
Actions Expels Wind; Brightens the Eyes; Calms Ascendent Liver Yang; Stops Itching; Breaks up stagnation of qi and blood
Branch Liver

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Chinese name Bai Ji Li (Ci Ji Li; Ji Li)
English name Caltrop Fruit; Puncture-Vine Fruit; Tribulus
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Description Bai Ji Li
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