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Ba Zhen Wan

Ba Zhen Wan

Ba Zhen Wan

Brand Herbal Times Teapills
Unit Size 100
Dosage 8 pills, 3 times daily
Potency 3:1 / 300mg
Contraindications Do not use during periods of colds or flu
Chinese Symptomology Qi deficiency; Blood deficiency
Western Symptomology Fatigue; Poor Appetite; Irregular Menstruation; Dry Hair and Skin; Pale Complexion; Dizziness; Poor Memory; Inability to Concentrate; Anemia; Recovery from Childbirth; Recovery from Surgery; Recovery from Prolonged Illness; Insomnia; Blurred Vision;
Actions Tonifies and augments the qi and blood
Tongue Pale tongue with light coating
Pulse Thin and frail or large, deficient, and without strength
Chinese name Ba Zhen Wan
English name Eight Treasure Pill
Description Use for deficiency of Qi and Blood. This formula is popular in China to tonify Blood following menses, surgery, or radiation, or as a general tonic. The prescription combiens Chen Siwent\\'s foundation formulas (from 1080) of Si Jun Zi Tang and Si Wu Tang, nourishing Blood by tonifying bleen Qi. (Fratkin, Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines)
Ingredients Dang gui (angelica): 18.2%; shu di huang (rehmannia): 18.2%; dang shen (codonopsis): 12.1%; fu ling (poria): 12.1%; bai shao (paeonia): 12.1%; bai zhu (atractylodes): 12.1%; chuan xiong (ligusticum): 9.1%; zhi gan cao (glycyrrhiza): 6.1%

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