3A Magnesia

3A Magnesia

3A Magnesia

Brand Lane Labs
Unit Size 100 Tablets
Dosage Take 6 tablets before bed for the first 3 days. Reduce dosage by 1 tablet each day, until you reach your personal comfort level.
Western Symptomology Constipation
Actions 3A Magnesia is Advanced, Active, Absorbable Magnesia - A natural hyperosmotic that draws water into the colon like a sponge. Active Magnesia has up to 4 times the water-trapping ability of standard magnesium.
English name 3A Magnesia

Contains Active Magnesia™, a patented magnesium oxide from Japan which has up to 4x the water attracting power of other magnesium forms. • Not an irritant or stimulant laxative and does not promote dependency at low intake. • For relief of occasional constipation or for daily regularity.*


Per 6 tablets: Magnesium (as Magnesium oxide) - 1152mg; Calcium (as Calcium stearate) - 12mg; Sodium (as Sodium Croscarmellose) - 8mg


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