UV with Ozone Sterilization Lamp, Portable

UV with Ozone Sterilization Lamp, Portable

UV with Ozone Sterilization Lamp, Portable

Brand Clinical Supplies, Miscellaneous
Unit Size 6.50''x1.34''x1.34"
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This Germicidal Lamp features UV disinfection with Ozone deodorization. Kill germs and viruses within 15 minutes, 360 degrees and the rate of up to 99.99%. Effectively purify living environment. USB rechargeable.

This lamp features a high purity quartz light lamp, 185-254 UVC, 5W power, and DC 5V voltage are effective against air and surface bacteria and virus. Ozone is carried through the air to places where UV radiation does not directly reach. . The applicable area is below 5M2(square meter). Lifetime is 10,000 hours. PPE


  • 1: Long press the on/off button on the bottom for three seconds until the blue light turns on. It is in the standby mode.
  • 2: The blue light will be automatically off after 10 seconds, and then sterilization lamp turns on. It is in the sterilization mode.
  • 3: The device will automatically turn off after working for 15 minutes.
  • 4: Press on/off button to turn off sterilization lamp anytime.
Product caution
  • 1: People and pets are suggested to keep away from the device after the device is turned on.
  • 3: Do not charge the device with a USB power supply higher than 5.25V.
  • 4: Keep the product away from moist, water, high temperature and fire source.
  • 5: Do not remove the EVA form that support the tube.
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