Spiro-X, Large

Spiro-X, Large

Spiro-X, Large

Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 168 Tablets
Dosage Dosage is 1-2 tablet each time, 3 times per day, maintenance dose is 2 times per day.

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Formula for barricaded toxin. Name derived antitoxin herbs gleditsia spine, andrographis, and smilax. Infections that tend to be encapsulated, such as by biofilm or inflammation barrier as occurs with spirochete infections and sinus infections.

Infections that tend to be encapsulated, such as by biofilm or inflammation barrier as occurs with spirochete infections and sinus infections.

Some infections are resistant to medical treatment, particularly if the treatment has not started promptly after the organism was introduced into the body.  One reason for resistance to treatment is development of a barrier that prevents both immune cells and antibiotics from getting into the site in sufficient quantity to destroy or strongly inhibit the organism.  One of the types of bacteria that are known to cause such problems are spirochetes, for which the one causing Lyme Disease is becoming well known.  Gleditsia spine has the reputation in Chinese medicine for the ability to penetrate such obstruction, not limited to cases of infection though that is one of the common applications for it.  Other herbs that have such an effect and support the action of gleditsia spine are liquidambar and polygala, so this set of three herbs is referred to here as “film-busters,” which is neither a Chinese medicine term nor a modern medicine designation, but a reasonable lay term to explain what they are supposed to accomplish.  The six “inhibitor” herbs have a broad spectrum of anti-pathogen effects, and all of these have shown in laboratory testing to inhibit spirochetes among the many other organisms that might be affected.  This combination of six herbs has been available as a loose granule from ITM for the past ten years, and has gained considerable usage, indicating both the safety and potential efficacy of this collection.  While herbs alone may not get rid of an infection of the type being described here, it is possible that they will alleviate symptoms and signs of the infection and may make medical treatment, such as antibiotics, function better.  If the infection persists but the symptoms are alleviated, a somewhat lower maintenance dosage may help keep the improved balance that had been attained.    

MANUFACTURING SPECIFICATIONS - The herbs are combined together and extracted, yielding approximately a 10:1 extract, then made into tablets of 1,100 mg each.
Patrinia 7 for persistent bacterial infection
Clerodendron 6 for accompanying joint pain
Platycodon 14 or Bidens 6 for severe sinus blockage or oral abscess
Lonicera 13 for skin abscess
Belamcanda 15 or Stemona Tablets for cystic lung infections



Inhibitor Herbs:

tufuling    Smilax............................ 400 mg

qinghao   Ching-hao...................... 400 mg

lianqiao   Forsythia........................ 350 mg

huzhang  Hu-chang....................... 350 mg

chuanxinlian Andrographis................. 350 mg

rendongteng Lonicera stem................ 350 mg


Film busters:

zaojiaozi  Gleditsia spine............... 400 mg

lulutong   Liquidambar.................. 350 mg

yuanzhi    Polygala......................... 350 mg

Corydalis 5, 250 tablets

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