Shen Zhuo Tang, Capsules

Shen Zhuo Tang, Capsules

Shen Zhuo Tang, Capsules

Brand KPC Formulas - Capsules
Unit Size 100 capsule bottle
Dosage 4 capsules
Potency 5:1/500mg
Pattern Cold accumulation in the lower jiao
Pulse Deep, slow
Chinese name Shen Zhuo Tang, Gan Jiang Ling Zhu Tang
English name Hoelen, Atracylodes and Ginger Combination

 Shen Zhuo Tang (also commonly referred to as Gan Jiang Ling Zhu Tang) was recorded on line 16 in the Jin Gui Yao Lue· On Visceral Wind and Cold, Accumulation and Gathering Disorders: "Patients with kidney disease will feel diffused body heaviness and coldness in the lower back, as if sitting in water, presenting with symptoms similar to rheumatic conditions, but without thirst or inhibited urination, thirst and hunger will be normal. This disease belongs to the lower jiao, sweating with exertion and damp-coldness inside the clothes. Over time, there will be cold soreness below the waist and abdominal heaviness which will feel as if one is carrying five thousand coins; Gan Jiang Ling Zhu Tang [Shen Zhuo Tang} governs".


Serving size: 4 capsules

Servings per container: 25

Fu ling (poria) 666mg

Gan jiang (ginger rhizome) 666mg

Zhi gan cao (licorice root) 334mg

Bai zhu (atractylodes alba rhizome) 334mg

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