Selenite Spiral Massage Wand

Selenite Spiral Massage Wand

Selenite Spiral Massage Wand

Brand Golden Needle Products
Unit Size 1 wand
Taste sweet. spicy - Franks
Properties Cold Energetics - Franks
Contraindications Always for short-term use, and generally best topically, but selenite can be used as an elixir or as a stone water for acute conditions.
Chinese Symptomology phlegm misting the mind, confusion, poor concentration.
Channels Entered Lung, Stomach, Urinary Bladder

"To bring fluids down and out, via urination or defecation, massage, place or tape the selenite on the midline of the lower abdomen, a thumb's width above the upper border of the pubic bone/CV-3." - Franks

"Scrape the paravertebral muscles with a selenite wand to arouse the Yang Qi to move Fluids: (Franks)

  • Massage upward to direct fluids up and out for expectoration and sweating.
  • Massage downward to direct fluids downward for urination.

Massage, place or tape (from Franks):

  • on the center of the sternum, in line with the nipples/CV-17, to generate and move fluids upward and outward.
  • on the midline of the lower abdomen, a thumb's width above the upper border of the pubic bone/CV-3, to encourage movement of fluids downward and outward or for Deficient Qi causing frequent urination.
  • on the midline of the abdomen, midway between the navel and the "V" where the ribs meet the base of the sternum/CV-12, to allow the body's own prioritization with regard to the movement of fluids.
  • on the spine to affect cerebrospinal fluid.  Hydration insulates the nerves and affects reactivity to the world.

"With a bent arm, use selenite to scrape the muscle around the crease where the elbow bends (in line with the index finger)/LL-11 to clear Heat (it is more effective than a porcelain spoon). For examples, use for an infant with excess Yang who is displaying neurological signs and symptoms, such as seizures. (Also place selenite under the child's pillow). - Franks

Massage the upper back, neck, or chest with selenite to clear Heat. - Franks


Chinese name Tou Ming Shi
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Excerpted from Franks:  Stone Medicine

1)  Regulates Fluids via the waterways along the Bladder Shu points/paravertebrals:  the 'aqueducts' along the spine that bring fluids to flush out accumulations of pathology anywhere in the body, including cerebrospinal fluids.  Indicated for:

  • Phlegm misting the mind:  confustion, poor concentration
  • Chronic tension and/or structural pain, especially in the low back and neck
  • postural misalignment, scoliosis
  • incontinence

2)  Generates Fluids to sweat out Heat from the internal level.

  • acute infections that damage the nerves or spine

3)  Benefits the Yin, especially for the skin.  Indicated for:

  • burns
  • wrinkles, dry skin

4)  Breaks up Yin stasis resulting from Yin deficiency.  Indicated for:

  • fibroids, breast lumps
  • scanty menses, amenorrhea
  • water retention during menstruation
  • poor milk flow in a nursing mother

5)  Clears Heat: returns Fire to Mingmen; warms the Lower Burner; warms and invigorates the Governor Vessel/Du Mai.  Indicated for:

  • Yin deficiency conditions that require Yang to move Qi, such as children with poor growth.

6)  Promotes latency.  Indicated for:

  • genital infections
  • Wind-Cold-Damp Bi syndrome.

Within this stone: "Calcium and sulfur combine for a binding and consolidating quality.  Sulfur initiates movement quickly to break up stagnation." - Franks

Chakra Affinities:  Crown, Third Eye





Selenite - transparent, colorless to near colorless crystals of gypsum, a hydrous calcium sulfate that is found in a number of forms. (CaSO42H2O). The name "selenite" comes from the Greek word selene, meaning "moon", no doubt in reference to the gem's white glow.

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