Rose Quartz Gemstone, Large, Tumbled, EX Grade (Brazil)

Rose Quartz Gemstone, Large, Tumbled, EX Grade (Brazil)

Rose Quartz Gemstone, Large, Tumbled, EX Grade (Brazil)

Brand Golden Needle Products
Unit Size 1 Stone
Taste Sweet
Properties Slightly warming; Effects the upper portals of the body
Contraindications Rose quartz potentially contains many different minerals. When combined with other stones in an elixir it can distract from the treatment strategy by delivering too many messages to the body. At the same time, it has broad effects and is a good choice if you are uncertain about a strategy. - Franks
Chinese Symptomology racing heart following exertion; poor circulation, cold extremities; palpitations, insomnia; irregular or delayed menses, clots; slow metabolism; swollen or inflamed eyes; congested sinuses; lacking warmth, either emotional or physical; sadness and grief; fear
Actions Regulates and tonifies Heart Qi and Blood; Regulates and Invigorates Liver Blood, Regulates and generates the Ye/Thick Fluids; Absorbs heat
Pattern Deficiency of Heart Qi and Blood; Liver Blood stagnation; Heat in the head
Channels Entered Heart, Liver, Stomach

"Rose quartz is generally better applied topically or held in the hand than used as an elixer." - Franks

Applications:  (From Franks:  Stone Medicine)

  • In a stone layout to open the chest, place rose quartz on the center of the sternum, in line with the nipples/CV17, with pink tourmaline and rhodochrosite on either side.
  • Hold rose quartz in the center of the palm to stimulate PC-8; it opens the chest and heart center so soothe sadness or bereavement.
  • Place or tape:  on swollen eyes to pull out inflammation; on either side of the nostrils to open the sinuses.

Internal Application:  Drink as an elixir before meals for slow metabolism.

Fengshui Application:  Place at the back right corner (relative to the doorway) of the bedroom to stabilize a relationship.

Cleanse in running water.

Charge with clear quartz.

CAUTION Use with caution as an elixir - depending upon the stone, it may contain aluminum.
Chinese name 蔷薇水晶, Méiguī shíyīng, 玫瑰石英
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Brazilian Tumbled Rose Quartz,  These large tumbled stones have a beautiful, translucent light pink color. .  These are very high quality tumbled stones.  Stones are mostly 1.5" or longer.


Rose Quartz (Extra High Quality tumbled stones)

Silicon dioxide (SiO2)

May Contain:  aluminum, iron, titanium (trace), Manganese (trace)

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