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Giant Herbs & Tea

In Chinese philosophy there is a belief that one can treat the individual or one can treat the community. After practicing medicine for 15 years, I believe that it is more important to treat the community. By helping people with hard to solve problems using products that are easy to get a hold of, one can actually help more people. By helping more people, then one can treat the community. When people feel better, their own benevolence blossoms, and they in turn are able to become a positive force in their own lives and in the lives of others.

We are bringing advanced Chinese medical knowledge to the consumer market, where each product has its own flair. For example, our Swish-Swish uses Chinese herbs high in Berberine to replace the use of Goldenseal, while also including herbs to help speed oral healing. Our products are a direct result of clinical observation over a number of years of seeing these recipes help patients. Lastly, Giant-Herbs is committed to minimizing our plastic footprint as a company by using glass and metal lids with only the most minimum plastic.

The Immaculate collection is our permanent collection of tea and chai. In this collection we are seeking to acquire the absolute best tea we can source, as well as premium organic teas. Some of these super premium teas will seem expensive to the average tea connoisseur, however in the tea world, these prices are well within the range for super premium and extremely rare teas. Every buyer of tea is going to create a collection which to some degree is rooted around the buyer's palate. We have high expectations for tea, and our goal for our Immaculate collection is to be just that: Immaculate.

The Poli Chai-ence: Taste of Portland 2020 line is our irreverent look at the news of Portland and the world in 2020 through the palette of chai tea and herbs. This line is a series of tea and herbal still life paintings where the medium is something that can be consumed. They are meant, like art, to be imbibed, to be thought provoking, and some will find them humorous. Like all good art, these are limited edition pieces. We are committed to making these chais through December 31, 2021. Then, many of these chais may be retired, and we will release our Taste of 2021 line which will explore this year through the same medium.

JGT (Jie Geng Tang)

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Platycodon Pills is effective in transforming phlegm and leading herbs to the lung.

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