Flying Dragon Liniment 8 oz

Flying Dragon Liniment 8 oz

Flying Dragon Liniment 8 oz

Brand Flying Dragon Topicals
Unit Size 8 fl oz
Dosage Apply several times each day to the affected area, as necessary, and immediately before and after strenuous activity.
Properties Relieves aches and pains.
Western Symptomology Muscle or joint pain, such as sore back, neck, and knees, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow or tight, achy muscles.
English name Flying Dragon Liniment 8 oz
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  • All purpose, General Use Liniment

Relieves all types of muscle & joint pain – acute or chronic: sore back and neck, tight, arthritic pain, injuries and gyn cramping, any chronic pain. Especially when pain improves with heat: heating pad, hot tub, shower or bath.  Relieves sore, achy muscles after physical workouts, gardening, sports and repetitive use activities. Improves flexibility and motility for arthritic pain.

  • Warming, Oil-based Liniment

Circulates Qi & Blood to stop pain. The herbs have a proven track record in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for improving achy pain that worsens with cold or damp, rainy weather

  • Eco-friendly/Green Product

Made with organic oil and many wild-crafted herbs.  Chemical, preservative & sulfite free.  Packaged in a glass bottle.

  • Artisan Oil – Made in USA

Handmade by herbalist in Grass Valley, California with lots of TLC. We began making this liniment in 2002.

Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory states that pain is caused by Qi (energy) and Blood not moving in the channels and muscle tissue. The herbs in this liniment are formulated to stop pain by warming and moving Qi and Blood in the affected area. This liniment may be used for any type of muscle or joint pain. For use after workout, gardening, arthritic pain, injury or any chronic pain. Especially indicated when pain is relieved by application of heat, e.g.: heating pad, hot shower, bath, jacuzzi or hot tub. Warming, oil-based liniment. Moves Qi & Blood to stop pain. Herbs have a proven track record in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) traumatology for stopping pain. Eco-friendly - green product: Made with organic oils and many wild-crafted herbs. Preservative & sulfite free. Packaged in a glass bottle. Artisan oil: Handmade by herbalist in Asheville, NC, with lots of TLC. Energetically tested by kinesiologist, medical intuitive and energy worker who all say Its great. I have tested Flying Dragon Liniment in my clinic for many years and can tell you with certainty that Patients Love It. I firmly believe that Flying Dragon Liniment should be in everybodys medicine cabinet, along side the aspirin and the box of band aids. Believe me, of the 3, Flying Dragon Liniment will get used the most. After using this liniment and seeing how effective it is at stopping pain, you wont want to be caught without a bottle readily on hand. Kath Bartlett, Product Formulator, Licensed Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Herbalist


Cinnamon, fennel, peach seed, safflower, myrrh, angelica, clematis, impatients, Chinese quince fruit, aconite, notopterigium, lycopodium

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