Alive and Awake

Alive and Awake

Alive and Awake

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Before sharing the distinctions of ancient Chinese philosophy with kids, you will need to have some understanding yourself of the principles you will share with them. The teaching stories contained in this book are illustrations of one or more of these basic "bones." These are the underpinnings of a philosophy that is more than 5,000 years old - ancient and yet infinitely adaptable and useful in our modern time.

You may be surprised at how simple and commonsensical it is. In fact, the basis of it is as simple as counting, literally, One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Notice that we are  counting by One. "One" shows itself as Two - Three - Four - Five. Two remembering (plus) One (the Oneness) is Three. Three remembering One is Four. Four remembering One is Five.  

Praise for Alive and Awake: 

"A long-awaited resource for parents and teachers, Alive and Awake applies ancient wisdom to contemporary life with children. We began incorporating these activities into the curriculum of the Child's Garden Learning Center as soon as we were introduced to Alive and Awake."

-Cheryl and Harry Walker, Co-founders and Directors, Child's Garden Learning Center, Columbia Maryland 

Spiral-bound book

ISBN 9780912381053

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