Tian Ma (Lab Tested)

Tian Ma (Lab Tested)

Tian Ma (Lab Tested)

Brand NuHerbs
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Chinese name Tian Ma
English name Gastrodia Rhizome
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Excerpted from Bensky:  Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.

  • Calms the Liver, extinguishes wind, and controls spasms and tremors:  a very important herb for treating internal stirring of Liver wind, whether caused by heat or cold.  Used for headache, dizziness, childhood convulsions, epilepsy, tonic-clonic spasms, opisthotonis, tetany, and wind-stroke.*
  • Extinguishes wind and alleviates pain:  for headaches, dizziness, and migraine headaches that occur with wind-phlegm patterns.  Also used for wind-stroke with hemiplegia, dizziness, and numbesss in the extremiities.  Can be used for both excessive and deficient conditions.*
  • Disperses painful obstruction:  for wind-damp painful obstruction with pain and numbness of the lower back and extremities.*
Ingredients Tian Ma - 100%
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