Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84 tablets
Dosage 1 tablet each time, 2-3x a day; 3x/day dosing for short term liver cleansing, about 2 weeks
Western Symptomology Promote liver cleansing, improve bile flow, aid elimination of fats, promote digestion, improve appetite, alleviate irritable bowel

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English name Taraxogen
Description The idea of detoxifying the liver is a western one, derived from experience of modern conditions of environmental pollution, overeating, and exposure to chemicals such as drugs and food additives. It is known that the liver is responsible for processing most of the substances, preparing them for elimination (fatty materials are excreted via bile to the intestines and water soluble materials are usually eliminated via the kidneys to the bladder). The concern is that when the level of pollutants is high the liver may not remove them fast enough, allowing for accumulation, particularly a problem for those who are obese or who have sluggish elimination. A primary means of improving the eliminative function of the liver is to stimulate bile excretion. The main herbal compound used for this purpose is chlorogenic acid- found in dandelion, burdock root, and artichoke leaves- remedies often recommended by Western herbalists. This substance is also the bile stimulant in coffee, which is used in Western herbalism in the form of an enema. Taraxogen provides two of the main sources of this compound along with Chinese herbs that are recommended for the same purpose but which have other active components. Lysimachia and lotus leaf not only promote liver functions, but also have mild diuretic effects to help elimination of the water soluble substances. Oleanolic acid is the active component of swertia, ligustrum, and forsythis that protects the liver from damaging effects of chemicals and viruses.*
Ingredients Two tablets provide: Herb extracts: artichoke leaf: 600 mg dandelion: 450 mg Lotus Leaf (heye): 450 mg Lysimachia (jinqiancao): 450 mg Lipid factors: Oleanolic acid: 150 mg


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