Spleen Support Formula, 1oz

Spleen Support Formula, 1oz

Spleen Support Formula, 1oz

SKU KV118-1
Brand Kan Essentials Veterinarian Formulas
Unit Size 1
Dosage Varies, depending on the animal's sensitivity to the herbs, condition classification as acute or chronic, and animal compliance with formula administration. Consult a veterinary professional or the Kan Essentials website for final dosage selection.
Potency 7:1, 500mg
Contraindications Should not be used during pregnancy. If the animal is reacting adversely to the current dosage, stop administration for 1 or 2 days, then resume at a lower dosage. If no effects (desired or adverse) are observed at this low dosage, increase gradually.
Chinese Symptomology Low appetite; weight gain; greasy or clumpy hair coat
Western Symptomology Fatigue; diarrhea; chronic vomiting; abdominal bloating; recurrent pancreatitis; chronic colitis
Actions Dries dampness, improves the spleen's transporting functions, promotes the movement of qi, and harmonizes the stomach and drain dampness.
Chinese name Wei Ling Tang
English name Spleen Support Formula, 1oz

Tonify Spleen Qi, dry Dampness.


Bai Zhu (white atractylodes rhizome); Cang Zhu (cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome); Chen Pi (tangerine dried rind of mature fruit); Fu Ling Kuai (poria); Hou Po (magnolia bark); Ze Xie (asian water plantain rhizome); Tong Cao (tetrapanax pith); Gan Cao (chinese licorice root); Gan Jiang (dried ginger root); Hong Zao (red jujube fruit); Rou Gui (chinese cinnamon bark)

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