Saro Essential Oil 10mL

Saro Essential Oil 10mL

Saro Essential Oil 10mL

Brand Snow Lotus Essential Oils
Unit Size 10 ml bottle
Actions To tonify Qi and Yang, boost defensive Qi, raise Yang and strengthen the Mind
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Fragrance profile: A classic fresh, camphoraceous oil with engaging smooth, warm, sweet middle notes

Psychological function: Saro is uplifting, vitalizing and energizing without causing olfactory fatigue, acting gently yet powerfully. Saro acts deeply in helping with states of apathy, loss of motivation and the like. An amazing booster to self-confidence as well.  Saro is also excellent for beating feelings of lethargy and drowsiness, as well as for mental fogginess and difficulty concentrating. Definitely a good ally to have on hand for studying or for situations where your mind needs to be sharp as a tack!

Topical use: In dilution, Saro is excellent for clearing nasal and sinus congestion and should be used in steam inhalations and chest rubs/liniments for colds and flus, bronchial conditions, etc. because of its excellent anti-infective and immunostimulant action, especially in viral conditions.
     This oil may also help balance oily, congested skin and scalp.

Basic Chinese Medicine function: To tonify Qi and Yang, boost defensive Qi, raise Yang and strengthen the Mind

Ingredients Saro Essential Oil (Cinnamosma fragrans). Plant part: The leaf. Origin: Madagascar. Production: Wild-harvested, organic. Extraction: Steam distillation of the fresh leaves.
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