Quantum Soup: Fortune Cookies in Crisis

Quantum Soup:  Fortune Cookies in Crisis

Quantum Soup: Fortune Cookies in Crisis

Brand Singing Dragon
Unit Size 297mm x 210mm / 11in x 8.5in, 160pp
Properties 2011, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-84819-054-2
English name Quantum Soup: Fortune Cookines in Crisis
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Peppered with a delicate mix of wisdom and humor, this new and enlarged edition of Quantum Soup is a light-hearted yet informative combination of happy anecdotes and traditional Chinese sensibilities in a Western setting. Every mini-essay is accompanied by the author's calligraphy and illustrations, including those making their appearance for the very first time. 'Quantum Soup is a gourmet preparation of philosophical snaps and snails, sharks' fins and puppy dogs' tails to tickle the sophisticated palate and provoke happy, healthful belly laughs. Confucius say: "Number One good recipe!"' - Joseph Campbell 'Like sunlight, Chungliang Al Huang's delicate mix of wisdom and humor comes in discrete energy packets (quanta) but gives continuous pleasure and nourishment.' - Fritjof Capra 'Take the humour of Buddha, connecting with the universal soul you have Chungliang Al Huang and Quantum Soup!' - Virginia Satir 'Quantum Soup is an elegant, wise and playful expression of Taoist and Zen Buddhist sensibilities in a Western setting - a philosophical entertainment with a collection of anecdotes, aphorisms and koan-like ruminations, all served up in appetizer portions.' - Los Angeles Times 'Take the pungence of hot and sour, the homeyness of chicken, the excitement of gespacho, the refreshment of vichyssoise - flamboyantly seasoned with loving humor and eternality and an empty bowl - ahhhh - Quantum Soup!' - Ram Dass '"Better for the guest to wait for the food, than for the food to wait for the guest," says a Chinese proverb. Many guests at the banquet of books have been eagerly awaiting this new and enlarged edition of Quantum Soup. Their expectations will be surpassed. Chungliang Al Huang is an all-star chef for the finest appetites of heart and soul.' - Brother David Steindl-Rast Contents 144 pages of inspirational short stories based around Tai Chi and Chinese wisdom. Reviews 'This new and enlarged edition of a timeless classic was a joy to read and hold. The alchemy of Chunglian Al Huang's take on the world as viewed from a Chinese scholar of Tai Chi and cross-cultural studies, coupled with the beautiful quality of the book brought back into print by Singing Dragon gives us a piece of fine art that would grace any household, not just for students of the Chinese Art... Once read this book should not be banished to the book shelf or library but enjoyed over and over.' - Tai Chi UK 'Chungliang - my charismatic, inspiring, and - yes - shining Chinese "brother." Fifteen years ago you introduced me to an enchanted world of movement and light. A harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Like the stories in this enchanting book you fill me with the love of life. You bring laughter inextricably intertwined with beauty and joy. So many times when I am weary I have been restored by the Chi energy you send me-in my mind, down the phone line, face to face. And your Tarzan love call. Thank you, Chungliang, for this book, and for being part of my life.' - Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace Author information Chungliang Al Huang is the founder of Living Tao Foundation, an international cultural-arts network for lifelong learning, and the director of the Lan Ting Institute, a cross-cultural study and conference center at the sacred and historic Wu Yi Mountain, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the People's Republic of China, and at Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast in the USA. He has written many classic books including Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain: The Essense of Tai Ji; Essential Tai Ji; and The Chinese Book of Animal Powers, all of which are now brought back into print by Singing Dragon.


Quantum Soup: Fortune Cookies in Crisis

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