Pyrrosia 14, 250 tablets

Pyrrosia 14, 250 tablets

Pyrrosia 14, 250 tablets

SKU SF193-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and formed)
Dosage 2 to 3 tablets, three times a day

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English name Pyrrosia 14, 250 tablets
Description Pyrrosia 14 is based on two traditional formulas for treating urinary tract disorders: Dianthus Formula (Bazheng San) and Pyrrosia Formula (Shiwei San). It is also designed with reference to modern prescriptions used in Chinese clinics and reported to be effective for painful urination. While a single instance of urinary tract infection could be effectively and safely treated with modern drugs, a persisting problem of repeated infections or prolonged experience of burning, urgency, pain, dribbling, or other disorders, is not so easily treated and may benefit from use of a complex herb formula such as Pyrrosia 14. This formula includes anti-inflammatory (heat clearing) herbs, diuretics, and herbs with a soothing effect on the irritated urinary tissues (such as talc, abutilon, lygodium spore, and plantago seed and leaf). There is a traditional grouping of conditions, called wulin (5 urinary obstruction syndromes), which gives rise to frequent, painful, scanty, and interrupted urination. The painful condition might be the result of earlier infections or other injury to the tissues of the urinary tract, so the disorder is not always an acute infection. The herbs in this formula may be of value in cases of prostatic inflammation, where there is evidence of infection or irritation (see also Serageum, White Tiger). Pyrrosia 14 is comprised of mild-acting herbs and, therefore, may be used in high dosage for a brief period to alleviate acute conditions, or lower dosage for a longer period to address chronic problems. Treatments designed to interstitial cystitis are often derived from the same basic formulas as this one.
Ingredients Shi Wei (pyrrosia) 12% Qu Mai (dianthus) 9% Bian Xu (polygonum) 8% Hua Shi (talc) 8% Che Qian Zi (plantago seed) 7% Che Qian Cao (plantago leaf) 7% Ze Xie (alisma) 7% Hai Jin Sha (lygodium spore) 7% Hu Po (succinum) 7% Dong Kui Zi (abutilon) 6% Chuan Niu Xi (cyathula) 7% Zhi Zi (gardenia) 5% Yi Zhi Ren (alpinia) 5% Bi Xie (tokoro) 5%

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