Purge Heat, 4 oz

Purge Heat, 4 oz

Purge Heat, 4 oz

SKU CMS116-4
Brand Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 4
Potency 7:1
Properties Supports a healthy urogenital system. Supports a healthy gastrointestinal system. Occasional uncomfortable sensation of heat.
Contraindications Use with caution with chills or sensitivity to cold. Use with caution during pregnancy or while nursing.
Chinese Symptomology Moderate to high fever with acute or severe infections, inflammations, and allergic reactions;High fever unrelieved by sweating and accompanied by desire for cold applications or beverages;Redness, pain, swelling, or tenderness with a sensation of heat or burning;Sores, wounds, pustules, and rashes with malodorous, yellow green, or blood-streaked pus or discharges;Complaints worse from exposure to heat and warm weather or after eating and drinking spicy, broiled, fried, fatty foods and beverages;Scanty, dark yellow, burning urine or dark, malodorous stool;Constipation or diarrhea, especially if accompanied by extreme tension and agitation or fever, flushing, and burning sensations in the rectum or anus;Hot flashes
Actions Clears Heat from the Three Burners (Upper, Middle and Lower) and from the Four Levels (Wei, Qi, Ying and Xue).

The pathogenic condition know as Heat can arise from many factors including environmental and climatic stresses, dietary excesses, emotional distress, fatigue due to hyperactivity, the side effects of Western pharmaceuticals, allergic reactions, infections, and so forth. Translated into the descriptive terminology of Chinese traditional medicine, Heat may be the outcome of invasion by adverse external influences (Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat), stagnation of Qi, stagnation of Blood, accumulation of Phlegm or Food, ingestion of poisons, hyperactivity of Yang (Life Fire), deficiency of Yin, or agitation of the Shen (Mind) due to psychic distress. Regardless of the predisposing influences, Internal Heat can lead to depletion of Yin Moisture and Essence, reckless movement of the Blood, propagation of Internal Wind, withering of the Blood and Marrow, insecurity of the Shen, and sudden collapse of the Qi which are manifested, respectively, as fever and dehydration, hemorrhage or the appearance of petechiae, vertigo or seizures, mania or hysteria, and heat prostration. Purge Heat eliminates Internal Heat from within all three Burners as well as from the defensive (Wei), active (Qi), nutritive (Ying), and constructive (Xue) levels of metabolic activity.*


Pin Yin Herb

Common Name

Jin yin hua

Honeysuckle flower

Lian qiao

Forsythia fruit

Ye ju hua

Wild chrysanthemum flower

Xia ku cao

Prunella fruit spike

Sheng shi gao


Chuan xin lian

Andrographis herb

Pu gong ying

Dandelion herb

Huang qin

Chinese skullcap root

Zhi mu

Anemarrhena rhizome

Sheng di huang

Raw rehmannia root

Chai hu

Bupleurum root

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root and rhizome

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