Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84 tablets
Dosage 1 tablet each time 2-3 times per day
Western Symptomology Tension headaches, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, poor memory, muddled thinking, heavy head

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English name Pueralex
Description Pueralex combines herbs that improve circulation, relieve tension, lower blood lipids, and may be helpful for common health problems that lead to a heavy sensation in the head, neck shoulders, and chest (e.g., headache, ear ringing, poor memory, angina). Puerarin, the isoflavin fraction of pueraria, is one of the most widely studies herb extracts in China, used to enhance circulation to the heart and brain. Kudingcha, derived from Ilex, is a bitter beverage consumed in China that has been shown to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure and blood lipids. It is traditionally used for wind-heat ailments like headache and eye irritation (the active ingredients are saponins).Rosemary is a Western herb that is given to alleviate headache, promote circulation, and improve mental functions. The herb has numerous active components including essential oils (borneal, camphor, cineole), tannings,flavanoids (apigenin, luteolin), rosmarinic acid, and triterpenes (ursolic acid, oleanic acid). Chrysanthemum (active components are essential oils, including most of those found in rosemary) is included to alleviate aching and inflammation. Crataegus (main active components are flavanoids) is reputed to promote circulation and lower lipids. The formulation is cooling in nature; it might be combined with other White Tiger formulas- Calmagnium (for calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins to enhance the effects), Cartaequin, Gincofolin (small amount), Guggul-Rose, or Quercenol-or as an adjunct to complex formulas for treatment of hypertension and headache (e.g, Chrysanthemum 9).*
Ingredients Two tablets provide: Rosemary: 600 mg Peuraria (gegen): 400 mg Chrysanthemum (juhua): 400 mg Crataegus (shen zha): 400 mg Kudingcha (kudingcha): 300 mg

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