Brand Pacific Biologic
Unit Size 120 Capsules
Dosage Maintenance - 2 capsules in the morning and evening on an empty stomach. Acute: 3 capsules in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.
Contraindications Not to be used by women.
Actions Regulates and Invigorates Blood, esp. in Lower Jiao, Clears Heat, Unblocks Clumping in Liver Channel, Reduces Phlegm, Softens and Dissipates Nodules, Reduces Accumulation, Promotes Urination, Reduces Swelling in Liver Channel.
Pattern Dampness and Heat in the Urinary Bladder; Blood Stasis
English name Prostability, 120 caps

Prostability was designed by Dr. Kang, and stems from his background and success in acute care treatment in Chinese Hospitals and his own clinic here in the United States. Dr. Kang worked in cancer research at the Shanghai Medical University of TCM for several years following his graduation from that institution. Prostability is designed for patients dealing with prostate issues, including enlargement and/or cancer. Its main features are to eliminate the stagnation, activate Blood circulation, regulate Qi and clear damp-heat. Its action is strongly focused on the Liver channel, which runs through and controls the prostate gland and genitals.

Prostability is particularly called for when there is heat, stagnation, phlegm, and accumulation. It will also assist in opening urinary pathways if there is any blocked or difficult urination. If there is accompanying or underlying deficiencies, these need to be addressed with an additional formula. Pacific Biologic’s Body Specific: Kidney formula is an ideal choice if there is Kidney deficiency, and its warming qualities will offset the strong cold nature of Prostability.



1 vegetable capsule= 580mg

Gui Zhi

Cinnamomum cassia; Ramulus

Fu Ling

Poria cocos; Sclerotium

Bai Shao

Paeonia lactiflora; Radix

Tao Ren

Prunus persica; Semen

Wang Bu Liu Xing Zi

Vaccaria segetalis; Semen

Che Qian Zi

Plantago Seed


Pygeum Africanum 

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Beta Sisterol

Phytosterol (Beta Sitosterol)

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