Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84 tablets
Dosage 1 tablets each time, 3-5 times per day (5 times/day only for shert term use)
Western Symptomology Candidiasis and other intestinal infections, bronchial and sinus infections,, gum and other oral infections

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English name Propol-Gold
Description Propolis is a bee-derived product, a waxy substance that holds hive together. it is rich in plant substances, mainly flavanoids that inhibit a wide range of infections, including bacterial, fungal and viral. Grapefruit seed contains a bitter flavanoid that has been modified to produce a potent antiseptic agent, inhibiting bacteria and fungi (including yeasts). These two natural products have been developed in the West as natural treatments for infections, applied topically or taken orally. In China, bee propolis has also been subject to some research and clinical application; for example, it was shown effective for treating an oral viral infection (hairy leukoplakia). Goldenseal and coptis are rich in berberine and related alkaloids (these components conger the golden color to the herbs) that have anti-infection properties, mainly useful for intestinal and respiratory disorders. GOldenseal is widely used in Western countries, though it is now frown in China and incorporated into Chinese pharmacy (it is known as North American coptis, beimei huanglian). Coptis is frequently used in Chinese formulas to inhibit bacterial infections. Propol-Gold thus brings together flavanoid and alkaloid anti-infection agents that can be used as natural antibiotics; they may be employed along with pharmaceutical antibiotics to broaden the range of action and treat stubborn infections. This formula can be added in small amounts, 1 or 2 tablets per day, along with complex herb formulas used for infection, such as Isatis 6, Stemona Tablets, or Picrorrhiza 11.
Ingredients One tablet provides: Natural products: Bee propolis: 550 mg Grapefruit seed: 125 mg Herbs: Coptis: (huanglian): 200 mg Goldenseal: 125 mg

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Berberine Plus

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