Principles of the Enneagram

Principles of the Enneagram

Principles of the Enneagram

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Principles of the Enneagram

2nd edition

Karen A Webb
Foreword by Helen Palmer

Still the definitive introduction to the Enneagram, this revised and updated edition covers all the key information on this curiously accurate system of knowledge about human personality.

From its historical roots to how to use it in everyday life, the book encompasses all of the key aspects and principles of the subject. It explains the nine personality types, how they interrelate and how to recognise and understand your own and others' basic types. It also explores how the model can provide a lifelong guide that will encourage personal and spiritual growth, helping you to work with your personality's strengths and weaknesses to realise your true potential.

The perfect introduction to a timeless topic, this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand more about the Enneagram, whether for personal application or general interest.


Acknowledgements. Foreword. Preface to Revised Edition. Introduction: Why The Enneagram? 1. How the Enneagram Works. 2. Type One: The Perfectionist. 3. Type Two: The Giver. 4. Type Three: The Performer. 5. Type Four: The Romantic. 6. Type Five: The Observer. 7. Type Six: The Questioner. 8. Type Seven: The Optimist. 9. Type Eight: The Protector. 10. Type Nine: The Mediator. 11. Seeing Below the Surface: Types Which Look Alike. 12. Communication Tips: Using the Enneagram to Create Understanding. 13. Conclusion: What Do I Do Next? Further Reading/Useful Contacts.

Author information

Karen A Webb has been teaching the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition for over 20 years. She graduated from the Enneagram Professional Training Program in 1991 and now runs Enneagram Studies UK, providing open and tailored Enneagram workshops and consultations. Karen is a passionate, lifelong student of spirituality, comparative religion and psychology and lives in Malvern, UK.

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