Pointer Excel II

Pointer Excel II

Pointer Excel II

Brand Clinical Supplies, Miscellaneous
English name Pointer Excel II

The latest and most advanced user friendly hand held locator and stimulator. Features a built-in, 0.35" x 1.0" LCD digital meter which displays both frequency and location. 

Unit features two grounding plates on the unit (allowing use with either left or right hands) as well as a hand probe with grounding pole and attached wire. Two probe tips are included with unit: ear 2 mm (0.08") and body 4 mm (0.16"). Other standard accessories include 9 volt battery, carrying case, and instructions. 

Warranty: 1 year, unit only 

Specifications 500 ohm test load
Output Channels: one
Frequency: 1 to 16 Hz
Frequency meter: LCD, 0.35”x1.0”
Volts and current: Normal dial: 22.5 volts, 0 to 45 milliamps
Blue zone: 11.0 volts, 0 to 2 microamps
Polarity reversal: +/- by switch
Pulse width: 260 microseconds (µS)
Pulse shape: asymmetric biphasic square wave
Pulse modes: continuous
Skin impedance monitoring: meter, sound, and light indication
Power source: 9 volt battery
Size, weight, color: 8.6" x 1.5" x 1", 86 gm, Biege

Price : $6.50
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