Nature's Nurse

Nature's Nurse

We are a different kind of company offering a different kind of product. We are Fijians and Americans working together to offer a natural alternative to seasonal medicines that are made in industrial factories by huge conglomerates. We call ourselves "Nature's Nurse" because we believe in a natural approach to caring for the body. We care for You, naturally! Nature’s Nurse, Inc. is a remarkable vibrant company helping many people. More and more individuals and groups like to be a part of our team because it has several powerful story lines: world exclusivity for producing and providing Red Mangrove™—a powerful natural product for nasal-and- bronchial challenges one would relate with cold symptoms; minority owned; supporting indigenous people; promoting the environment; caring for and creating peace for the children around the globe, all in a new model of conducting for-profit business that honors and considers all the aforementioned. It is life-and-business sustaining and brings out the best in all we do.

Skingard (Manufactured 12/13)

Unit Size: 1 fl oz

Topical anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory solution for accelerated skin healing.*

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