Kidney Tonic

Kidney Tonic

Kidney Tonic

Brand Pacific Biologic
Unit Size 100 capsules 500mg
Dosage Adults take 2-4 capsules three times daily or as prescribed by healthcare provider. For best results, take on an empty stomach.
Contraindications Do not take during colds, fever, high blood pressure, frequent diarrhea, facial flushing with fever, headaches or Heat signs. Discontinue use if headaches develop. Do not use if pregnant.
Actions Tonifies Kidney Yin and Clears Deficiency Heat; Warms Kidney Yang
Tongue Pale, scallops
Pulse Weak, sinking
English name Kidney Tonic
Description Used clinically for restoration of the vital energy (Qi) and blood. Based on a Japanese Kampo formula to treat degenerative conditions due to aging.*
Tonify Kidney Yin and Clears Deficiency Heat:
   Asian water plantain rhizome Ze Xie
   Asiatic dogwood fruit Shan Zhu Yu
   Chinese yam root Shan Yao
   Moutan bark Mu Dan Pi
   Poria root Fu Ling
   Rehmannia root (fresh) Sheng Di Huang
Warms Kidney Yang:
   Cinnamon bark Rou Gui
   Monkshood root Fu Zi

Formulator: Dr. Joon Sik Shin

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