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Jade Treasures Cool, 1 oz

Jade Treasures Cool, 1 oz

Jade Treasures Cool, 1 oz

SKU KJM101-1
Brand Jade Man Herbals by Kan
Unit Size 1 fl oz. dropper bottle
Potency 7:1
Properties For Male Factor Infertility with Heat
Contraindications Do not use during the acute phase of an infection or attack by an external pathogen.
Chinese Symptomology infertility with Heat
Actions Reinforces the Kidney Yin, Yang and Jing or Essence; Nourishes and invigorates Blood; Clears Heat

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English name Jade Treasures Cool, 1 oz

When treating male infertility we are often relying on the semen analysis to tell us that something is wrong with sperm manufacture rather than a presentation of symptoms. It is not common for men with infertility to complain of sexual dysfunction or symptoms in the testicles themselves. However male infertility may coexist with some symptoms such as a high libido with premature ejaculation which can indicate Heat. More often the only Heat signs are a red tongue and rapid or tight pulse, with thirst and a ruddy complexion. This is often accompanied with a fast paced lifestyle and stressful work, excess coffee and alcohol consumption, smoking and insufficient sleep. In any case any signs of Heat indicate that Jade Treasure Cool is the appropriate formula to use for a patient diagnosed with male infertility (or sub fertility). It addresses both Shi or excess and Xu deficiency type Heat.* - Lyttleton You can prescribe this formula to any man diagnosed with a low sperm count, low numbers of normal shape sperm, poor motility or high DNA fragmentation if these are signs of Heat. Because the formula is well balanced with herbs which address both the Yin and the Yang and the movement of Blood it can be used long term without modification. This formula should be taken for a minimum of 4 months, preferable 6 to 12 months. Building Kidney resources and clearing Heat may require some lifestyle changes. Specifically a reduction in alcohol and coffee and no smoking should be recommended, alongside recommendations for a diet of fresh foods and a balanced lifestyle that reduces long work hours and stress. Swimming is an ideal sport both for fitness and relaxation and for cooling the testicles. If there is pronounced Spleen weakness (loose stools) you may need to add formulas which help the digestion of the oily seeds and the cooling moist Rehmannia root (raw). Digest Aid (in the Sage Solutions product line) and Prosperous Farmer (in the Kan Herbals product line) are both good possibilities. Where Damp Heat is particularly prominent (your patient has prostatitis or fungal skin infection in the groin, herpes or other sexually transmitted disease) use a formula based on Gentiana Draining the Liver Decoction Long Dan Xie Gan Wan, such as Quell Fire (in the Kan Herbals product line) or Dioscorea Separating the Clear Decoction Bei Xie Fen Qing Yin, such as Clear the Lower Palace (in the Kan Traditionals product line) before taking Jade Treasure Cool or Support. If your patient has signs and symptoms of Damp Heat also consider Jade Treasure Clear particularly if there is a diagnosis of immune factor infertility or variocele.* - Lyttleton


Tu si zi - Chinese dodder seed; Fu pen zi - Palm leaf raspberry fruit; Sheng di huang - Rehmannia root (raw); Nu zhen zi - Ligustrum fruit; Gou qi zi - Lycium fruit; Zhi he shou wu - Polygonum multiflorum root (processed); Shan zhu yu - Asiatic cornelian cherry; Dang shen - Codonopsis root; Dan shen - Chinese salvia root and rhizome; Huang bai - Phellodendron bark; Zhi mu - Anemarrhena rhizome; Mu dan pi - Tree peony root bark; Wu wei zi - Schisandra fruit; Hong hua - Carthamus flower

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