Harmonize Wood & Earth (Harmonize Liver & Spleen), 1 oz

Harmonize Wood & Earth (Harmonize Liver & Spleen), 1 oz

Harmonize Wood & Earth (Harmonize Liver & Spleen), 1 oz

SKU CMS109-1
Brand Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 1 fl oz
Dosage 30 drops / 2-3 times a day (adult dose)
Potency 7:1
Properties Supports healthy digestion and normal peristalsis. Supports healthy menstruation. Supports healthy appetites. Supports healthy circulation in hands and feet.
Actions Harmonizes Po and Yi, nourishes Moisture and Blood, disperses stagnation of Qi, Moisture and Blood, dispels Heat, Wind and Damp, supports mental and emotional wellbeing.
English name Harmonize Wood & Earth (Harmonize Liver & Spleen)

One role of the Liver is to mobilize Yang upward to assist the Spleen in raising the "clear" Nutritive Qi to the Lung. Also, the arousal of Qi, via the Gall Bladder (bile), activates the digestive and peristaltic activity of the Stomach and Intestines, further assisting the Spleen in the generation and distribution of Nutritive Qi. In relation to the Liver, the role of the Spleen is to transform the digestate of the Stomach, facilitate the descension of impure Qi into the Lower Burner, and the ascension of "clear and pure" Qi to the Upper Burner. The impure Qi is either further purified and concentrated by the Kidney, or collected and discharged by the Bladder and Large Intestine, while the Pure Qi is transmuted by the alchemy of the Lung (after mingling with the Heavenly Qi of the atmosphere) into the "Righteous" Qi that benefits life. Through their relationship, the Liver and Spleen organize the processes of digestion, transformation, assimilation, and the distribution of finer and coarser substances. Smooth interaction between these Organ Networks maintains nourishment and the unobstructed passage of Qi, Moisture, Essence, and Blood through the Middle Burner.*


Pin Yin Herb

Common Name

Fu ling


Bai shao

White peony root

Bai zhu

White atractylodes rhizome

Chai hu

Bupleurum root

Fang feng

Siler root

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Zhi xiang fu

Prepared cyperus rhizome

Mu xiang

Saussurea root

Chao zhi shi

Dry fried bitter orange immature fruit

Qing pi

Tangerine dried rind of green fruit

Bo he

Chinese mint herb

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root and rhizome

Shan zha tan

Charred Chinese hawthorn fruit

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