Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID)

Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID)

Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID)

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Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID)

Dr. Jie-Jia Li, Dr. Jian-Ping Fu and Dr. Jack Li

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID), a non-invasive clinical examination which can assess an individual's state of health. FID can be used as an auxiliary diagnostic method to provide diagnostic clues and proper guidance for treatment. One great strength of this method is its non-invasive nature.

Formed by blood and Qi between the nail bed and nail plate, the fingernail image can be used to observe pathological changes within the body. This book equips readers with the knowledge needed to analyse fingernail images and assess them for diagnostic purposes. Covering the origins of Fingernail Image Diagnosis, methods of examination and the practical application of FID for assisting diagnosis in a wide range of common disorders, the authors provide a complete guide to FID, with illustrations, visuals and detailed case examples.

This practical quick reference guide and introduction to FID will be useful for anyone interested in diagnostic techniques, especially those working in the fields of Chinese Medicine, integrative medicine and alternative healthcare.


Dedication. Acknowledgements. Disclaimer. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Fingernail and Fingernail Imaging Basics. 3. The Key Elements of FID. 4. The FID Exam Method. 5. FID Procedures. 6. Application of FID. Appendix. Bibliography.


'Since the 1950s, New China has actively encouraged the integration of the Chinese healing traditions with the conventional medical system. This book is a testament to how ancient folk traditions were modernized over the last 60 years, in order to become much easier to incorporate in the contemporary clinic. The Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis is an outstanding book for serious Integrative TCM practitioners, and modern alternative healers.'
—     Ioannis Solos, Chinese Medicine practitioner, researcher and author of Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections: The Cornerstone Classics of Chinese Medicine Tongue Diagnosis

'The development of Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID) can make the traditional diagnostic skills even more evidence-based and scientific in clinical healthcare. As an educator and researcher, Dr Jie-Jia Li has earned his reputation in FID through his excellence in presentation and demonstration at professional conferences and seminars. Here he compiles his lectures and fingernail images in the first book in English that describes Chinese FID systematically and comprehensively. The pioneering research along with consequent studies in FID will greatly benefit TCM in advancing our understanding of physiopathological mechanism of acupuncture meridians and blood and Qi in the human body. This book, by all measure, is valuable in improving diagnostic skills to those who are practicing acupuncture and Chinese/Oriental medicine.'
—     San Hong Hwang, MD, LAc., Associate Professor at Southern California University of Health Sciences, Visiting Professor at Five Branches University and President of the United Acupuncture Association

Author information

Dr. Jie-jia Li obtained his medical degree from Southern Medical University (formerly First Military Medical University) in Guangzhou, China, a Master's degree from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Ph.D. from American Liberty University. He is currently working as a clinical specialist and acupuncturist at The Center for East-West Medicine of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and over the past thirty years he has been engaged in both theoretical and clinical research in integrating traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine. Dr. Li has published extensively in the areas of traditional Chinese medicine and integrative medicine.

Dr. Jian-ping Fu received her Bachelor of Art degree from East China Normal University, her Master's degree from Samra University of Oriental Medicine and her Ph.D. from American Liberty University. Currently, Dr. Fu is a California Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, and practices in Los Angeles, USA.

Dr. Jack Li received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science from the University of California, Irvine in 2004, followed by a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2008. He is currently a Chiropractic physician in multiple offices in Los Angeles, USA. Dr. Li has a vast interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine and has co-written a number of articles on these subjects.

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