Fritillaria Harmonize Lung 1200 Grams

Fritillaria Harmonize Lung 1200 Grams

Fritillaria Harmonize Lung 1200 Grams

SKU HSE207-1200
Brand Herbsmith Rx Veterinarian Formulas - Equine
Unit Size 1200 Grams
Chinese name Modified Bei Mu San

This blend not only stops the horse’s cough, but also harmonizes the lungs. Therefore treatment should always continue for a significant period of time after the cough is resolved to truly resolve the lung disharmony.

Herbsmith Fritillaria Harmonize Lung is not a substitute for veterinary care but rather an adjunct to veterinary care. These herbs will complement traditional veterinary care and pharmaceuticals. This blend can—and in many cases should­—be used together. Consultation with Herbsmith’s veterinarian is always available to the horse’s owner or veterinarian.

Chinese Theory:
This combination of herbs was developed generations ago to resolve cough by addressing the underlying cause, or root, of the problem­—a lung disharmony. The herbs in this blend are effective at resolving cough, harmonizing the lung, clearing heat (“inflammation” in Western terms) and dispelling phlegm.*

By harmonizing the lung and the lung meridian, we allow the body to heal itself. This is the true difference between treating the root cause versus simply suppressing the symptoms. Once the lungs are in harmony, the horse can react in a normal way to viruses or allergens such as dust and mold.*

Suggested Use (for 1000 lb. horse):
Traditional Formulas: Administer two (2) tablespoons twice daily until coughing has resolved or at least 7 days. Then, administer two (2) tablespoons once a day therafter. If coughing begins again repeat the above directions. Note: In the event the horse refuses to eat herbs, start with small amounts in the grain until the horse is acquainted with the taste or try the Flax Plus version of this formula. Almost all horses will eat the herbs in their grain.


Fritillary cirrhosa – chuan bei mu - Fritillary Bulb

Gardenia jasminoides Ellis – zhi zi – Gardenia fruit

Stemona japonica – bai bu – Stemona root

Prunus armeniaca – xing ren – Apricot seed

Sater tataricus – zi wan – Aster root

Platycodon grandiflorum – jie geng – Platycodon root

Articum lappa – niu bang zi –Articium or great burdock fruit

Glycyrrhiza uralensis – gan cao – Licorice root

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