Emerita (e-MER-ita) has been a leading brand of natural women’s wellness products since 1978. We’re proud to be women-operated, and our mission is “improving the health and lives of women”—a cause that makes us excited to come to work every day.

In the early days, we marketed natural midlife products through the Transitions For Health catalog and through physicians’ offices. The catalog even appeared in an episode of the TV show Sex & the City.

Then in the 1990s, our flagship progesterone cream, Pro-Gest® Cream, was first introduced at natural food stores, launching a whole category of natural wellness products for mature women. Since then, Emerita has expanded its offerings to include intimacy, feminine care and health supplements, as well. Today, Emerita® products are sold in natural food stores across the country, as well as through many online retailers. 

We have long been a socially-responsible company that respects and empowers its employees, while operating in an open and collaborative fashion. Emerita® also has a long history as an advocate for women, valuing education about women's health issues.

Our Philosophy

At Emerita®, we understand that our business affects the environment, and we believe it's our responsibility to care for the health and balance of the planet, just as we have been caring for the health and balance of women for the past 35 years. 

We are committed to continually monitoring ongoing scientific and technological discoveries to identify the best and healthiest choices for all our products.

Our Products

For our products, we use only plant- and mineral-derived ingredients whenever possible. When these options aren't available we utilize research from sources such as the European Union, Environmental Working Group, the Breast Cancer Fund and others for recommendations on the safest stabilizing chemicals available to produce the highest-quality product. 

Our products do not contain mineral oil, petroleum, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate or animal anything. Our products are never been tested on animals. And aside from our OH Warming Lubricant (which contains honey), they contain no animal products.

The cotton used in our tampons is certified organic by the Ethical and Environmental Institute (ICEA). 

The cotton in our tampons, pads and pantyliners is cleansed by chlorine-free methods, which means they are free from traces of dioxins from chlorine bleaching. 

Our Practices

  • Use Certified Organic ingredients
  • Products that are cruelty-free
  • Use recyclable materials in our packaging
  • Use soy-based inks on packaging
  • Packaging that can be recycled whenever possible
  • All marketing and promotional materials printed on recycled paper
  • Partner with Whole Foods Market's Whole Planet Foundation WholePlanetFoundation.org
  • Work with vendors who recycle excess raw materials and use Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials whenever possible
  • Incorporate environmentally-friendly office policies into our daily practices

Intimate Lubricant (Mayan Chocolate)

Brand: Emerita
Unit Size: 4 oz / Liquid

An oil-based intimate lubricant for a more sensuous experience

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Intimate Lubricant (Oil Based)

Brand: Emerita
Unit Size: 4 oz / Liquid

An oil-based intimate lubricant for a more sensuous experience*

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Intimate Lubricant, 2oz

Brand: Emerita
Unit Size: 2 oz / Liquid
A water-based lubricant designed from a women's perspective.
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Intimate Lubricant, 4oz

Brand: Emerita
Unit Size: 4 oz / Liquid

A water-based lubricant designed from a woman's perspective.

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